How do solar panels work?

Solar panels convert light into low-voltage DC electricity.
The electricity travels through power inverters where it is converted into 240-volt AC electricity, which is used in homes.
From the inverter, the electricity then travels to the home’s main distribution panel (breaker box).
Any electricity that the home doesn’t use goes through the utility meter and onto the grid, crediting your utility account.


Once your Ampray panels are installed, you will instantly save money on electricity. Customers experience a wide range of savings on their energy bills, from 50-110% depending on the amount of electricity used in the home. Not only will you save at the current utility rate, but the rate increases as well. Rates for KCP&L in Missouri increased an average of 7.7% every year since 2007.

Home Equity

According to the National Appraisal Institute, for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills you increase your home’s value by $20. Another bonus is that currently, your property tax won’t increase even one cent, and houses with solar electricity tend to sell faster in the real estate market.


Ampray solar arrays give a 20-40% return on investment within the first year. The complete return on investment of the customer’s portion of the cost, is 2-4 years. With the financing Ampray offers our customers, they are net positive on their bills the very first month. With the utility rate increases, the ROI time shortens every year.

Green Energy

The sun provides us with good, clean, renewable energy. The greatest natural resource we all have access to can provide us with FREE energy! While your solar array is producing power there are NO pollutants being produced as a side affect. Hurray for sunshine!

Ampray Makes DIY Easy for You

For those who choose to do the installation themselves, the price savings can be even better! Ampray provides KITS at the most affordable prices around. We will provide you with all of the panels, inverters, electrical, racking, and instructions for installing your own system. We will even help you fill out the paper work to receive your rebate and get your project approved as soon as possible.