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Our customers are at the heart of our business. Ampray is here to serve families and businesses in a way that will greatly impact their lives. Our gratification comes from the smiles on our customer’s faces when they see the credit on their monthly bill. Our hope is that the kindness and money saved might be paid forward to others. A penny saved could be a penny to help the sick, needy, and hungry.

Our hope is that our efforts to help our community achieve affordable renewable energy will provide more than just electric energy. Our hope is that it provides an energy that will go out among the people as generosity toward each other and stimulate a more caring

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Meet Our Team
Edward & Lisa Glaser

Edward and Lisa enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren. They enjoy watching movies together and hiking. Edward loves to spend time in the kitchen making biscuits and cinnamon rolls for special occasions. Lisa enjoys researching and reading.

Paul Glaser

Paul is an attorney whose law firm strives to serve their clients and community in a Christ-centered way. They try to find the best balance between what is possible within the confines of the law and what is best for you in your situation, while taking into account God, family, and career.

Chris Pedersen

Chris is a dedicated husband, and father of 6. His mission in life is to serve God to the best of his ability and believes that integrity is an essential part of business.