About Us

Who We Are

Ampray is a company with a heart for serving our customers as best we can. Accessing the power of the sun’s resource is something that everyone should be able to obtain. Making solar energy affordable for customers without losing quality has been a part of our footprint. Ampray also strives to educate about solar energy by spending the time to explain the process and what our customers can do to conserve energy. We hope that the end result is that our customers receive an energy consumption awareness which creates a ripple effect to influence the community and the world beyond.

What We Do

Ampray installs roof mount, ground mount, and pergola solar powered arrays. Because we take pride in developing a solid, trust-based relationship with our customers, our job sites are clean, and our workmanship is professional and thorough. From the initial meeting to the final connection to the utility meter, we will not pressure you into something with which you are not completely comfortable.

Solar for your home or business is a great investment and will be a huge asset to your property; which is why we believe in building a good relationship first before the contract is signed.

Why We Do

Ampray is a family-owned company; if our families aren’t strong then we do not consider ourselves succesfull. We enjoy working together as a family. Much of what we do is to build relationships that surpass the work of solar. We believe that in building these long lasting relationships that we can provide a better service to our customers.
We love to hear our customers when they call us excited about how much they are saving on their electric bills. We enjoy coming to work, working hard, making a living, and improving the future. We hope to encourage others to find the value in working together as a family and we hope to pass on this value to our own children.

Where We’re Going

While we recognize solar as one of the amazing technological waves of the future, we also know that solar isn’t for everyone…yet. We’d like to offer solar to the world, as an affordable option for everyone. One way in which we accomplish this is by offering the sale of solar powered array kits for those “do-it-yourselfers” out there.

Our Team