Solar for Homes

1. Evaluate Your Home

Is KCP&L or Ameren your electric service supplier? (they are the two which provide rebates in Missouri)
Do you own your home?
Do you have land or yard space, with little or no shading, facing south?

2. Contact Us

Submit your information and one of our experienced sales professionals will setup a time to meet with you. One of our experienced sales professionals will come visit with you about how Ampray can help you get solar power at little cost to you. Your Ampray sales professional will analyze your property and discuss placement options with you for your solar array. We leave the paperwork with you to read at your leisure. NO pressure.

3. Sign some paperwork

Make a $1000 deposit and sign the KCPL/Ameren application along with the Ampray contract. We process all the paperwork for you! We will submit and manage your paperwork for the utility rebate and construction permits.

4. Application and paperwork process

We wait for your project to be approved by the utility company. We then contact you upon application approval, and give a time frame for start of construction.

5. Installation

Our construction team will contact you and schedule a date to discuss the layout of your project. Our team will deliver equipment and start the installation of your photovoltaic system equipment. When the project is complete, we contact the utility company to inspect our work.

6. Interconnection

After the utility company inspects and approves the installation, your utility meter will be replaced with a net meter. The net meter will be able to register the electricity feeding into your home and the excess electricity feeding back into the grid. Our team returns to your home to commission your project to ensure it is working properly and producing plenty of power. Then you save TONS of money for decades to come.