FAQ: What type of investment return can I expect?

Ampray solar arrays give a 20-40% return on investment within the first year. The complete return on investment of the customer’s portion of the cost, is 2-4 years. With the financing Ampray offers our customers, they are net positive on their bills the very first month. With the utility rate increases, the ROI time shortens […]

FAQ: What are the advantages to Home Equity when one gets Solar?

According to the National Appraisal Institute, for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills you increase your home’s value by $20. Another bonus is that currently, your property tax won’t increase even one cent, and houses with solar electricity tend to sell faster in the real estate market.

FAQ: Why is Solar gaining in popularity?

Q: Why is Solar gaining in popularity? A:  Solar energy is being recognized as the future of alternative energy sources, as it is non-polluting and helps combat the Greenhouse effect on global climate. Solar energy produces no pollution, it has no environmental effects, and is ecologically acceptable. (Link) Solar is also becoming more popular due […]